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November 2018 Article

Chem-Blade ES Released to Dealers

By Laurie Bedord 11/6/2018

More time saved means more acres sprayed. It’s the foundation Ethan Eck has built his business on.

     “Today, a sprayer with a 120-foot boom can’t go any faster than 12 mph across a field and still maintain efficiency and accuracy,” says Eck, who is the founder of Eck Fabrication LLC in Kingman, Kansas. “The opportunity to make up the most time is with efficient loading.” (read more)



Farm Industry News

November 2018 Article

New System Speeds Spray Tending

Willie Vogt | Nov 05, 2018

The Chem-Blade ES is designed to get that sprayer or plane back to work faster, with less crop product exposure. 

     Farm-focused inventions come from a lot of different ideas. For Kansas inventor Ethan Eck, the idea for a new product happened when he returned to the farm several years ago. Trained to work in the automotive and motor sport chassis business, his new chores were in a different part of the business, which ended up creating a new opportunity. (read more)



High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

January 2018 Article

Every Ounce Counts

Kansas inventor expands chemical handling product lineup

By Bill Spiegel, Jan. 15, 2018

A one-gallon jug of the popular herbicide “Sharpen” costs roughly $750, or nearly $5.86 per ounce. In the hustle and bustle of modern field sprayer tendering, it’s not uncommon to waste a few ounces of high dollar crop protection products. Before long, wasted chemicals can wreak havoc to an operation’s profitability.

One south central Kansas inventor, however, is changing that. (read more)



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