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Chem-Blade Original

The Chem-Blade Original

The patented Chem-Blade Original opens, empties, and rinses pesticide containers with speed and efficiency.

  • The Chem-Blade Original is built with high-grade stainless steel and uses a quality TeeJet rotary rinse head.  Don't let the competitors fool you with their cheaper materials and crude rinse systems.
  • Dry bags are also easy to use with the Chem-Blade, 50lb bags of product can be emptied quickly with minimal effort.  This eliminates a tremendous amout of shoulder work required when using traditional lifting and pouring methods.
  • The Chem-Blade Original is universal and can fit in most tanks.  16" Lid and a capacity of 30 gallons or more is required.  Tanks with existing lids that are smaller can be retrofitted with larger lids.  Hinged Lids are highly recommended.​​

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Download Links for Chem-Blade Original Brochure and Manual.

Chem-Blade Original Brochure (pdf)


Chem-Blade Owner's Manual (pdf)


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