Demo of the Chem-Blade ES (Enclosed System)

Features of the Chem-Blade ES (Enclosed System)

Chem-Blade ES

Chem-Blade ES (Enclosed System)

How much more could you get done with an extra hour in every day of spraying?

With an extra hour of spraying could you beat the inbound storms or high wind conditions and finish the job in time??

Do you value safety when handling modern chemistries to battle pest resistantance??

The Chem-Blade ES (Enclosed System) allows operators to handle their chemicals efficiently, safely and extremely fast! Simply set the jug inside, close the lid and click a button. The ES encloses the cutting and rinsing process, isolating the operator from potentially hazardous products. The time savings created will allow the operator to spray an extra hour each day! 

Features (Video above)

  • ES system accepts 1 to 2.5 gallon jug containers as well as 10 to 50lb dry product bags.
  • Easy loading ergonomic tank height. Tank capacity of 50 gallons.
  • Built for longevity with 1/8” stainless steel tank.
  • ES system utilizes top-of-the-line hardware and components, providing you a long-lasting product.
  • 1 year Full Warranty.

Compared to traditional opening, pouring and triple rinsing of jugs, the Chem-Blade ES in comparison allows gains of up to an hour per day of spray application.

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Chem-Blade ES

Ergonomic keypad with dimmable lights provides main controls.

  • Adjustable rinse time for different viscosity products.
  • Two-hand touch buttons assure safe operation while cutting dry bags with the lid open.
  • Convenient manual valves for Dry Flush and Rinse Wand controls.​
  • ​Accurate sight gauge includes indicator o-rings for easier repeat fills.
  • 220 flange tank ports for bulk transfers. 

Inside the Tank

  • Our industrial rinse nozzle allows an extremely fast and thorough cleaning action.
  • Sharp powerful blades cut containers open with ease.

Lower Tank

  • 3” or 2” venturi plumbing options available. Flow directions for 2” venturi plumbing can flow left to right or right to left.  Flow direction for 3” venturi plumbing can flow only left to right.)
  • Ergonomic Induction ON/OFF valve easily engaged with your foot.
  • Non-venturi/2” suction models available(High-output fresh rinse source required).
  • Isolated rubber tank pads to keep truck or trailer vibrations out of the system.
  • The Chem-Blade stand has Rhino Lining protective coating for corrosion resistance.
  • Heavy Duty Interstate Marine Battery included with 3-year warranty.

Air Compressor
American Made, Jenny air compressors are included for the required air supply.

  • Key-start gasoline engine, or 110/230v A/C motor compressors available.
  • The ES air compressor is available integrated onto the ES stand or can be mounted remotely. *
  • The use of Semi-Truck air supply voids all ES product warranties. The required 10 cfm @ 100 PSI can be too much for truck engine compressors and can cause drastic negative effects on all systems involved. From overloading the compressor to many other negative results like dirty or wet air. Thus, we have integrated quality American made air compressors into various models, these can be remote mounted separate from the ES or combined with the (ACS) stand which ties the entire system together on one stand/skid.  If the end user already has an auxiallary air supply and wishes to use it for the Chem-Blade ES we recommend having them call us direct and confirm compatibility/setup of the system.

    (ACS) models where ES and air compressor are both mounted to single skid is our most turnkey solution. Simply connect plumbing and you are operational.

Document Downloads

Chem-Blade ES Brochure pdf Download. 

Chem-Blade ES Brochure (pdf)


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