Eck Fabrication working on a Chem-Blade ES Enclosed System for agricultural spray operations.

About Us


Chem-Blade was invented in 2013 by Ethan Eck & Eck Fabrication LLC, initially being made in the back corner of the family farm shop.  EckFab progressively grew into a high tech reputable manufacturer expanding the product line to include Chem-Blade OriginalChem-Blade Caddy and the Chem-Blade ES (Enclosed System) with other new spray tender products on the way.  

EckFab worked with 80 distributors and customers to expand across the country, but as the product line continued to grow rapidly, EckFab made an important decision to license the Chem-Blade family of products to a complimenting company in spray tendering, SureFire Ag Systems. Their QuickDraw products load bulk chemical batches automatically and quickly also in a closed system making the perfect match for the Chem-Blade ES system focused on allowing operators to load jug & bag materials extremely fast while being safe.

EckFab will continue to manufacture the specialty stainless steel components while SureFire Ag will add the Chem-Blade products to their lineup along with their QuickDraw and other application systems. This merging of two innovative companies will put all facets of spray tender products under one roof to utilize SureFire Ag's established national sales force. SureFire Ag now has the fastest loading systems for bulk, jugs, and bags with proprietary technology to isolate operators from the pesticides for complete safety.  From potential distributors to customers wanting to learn more about Chem-Blade technology we encourage you to click on the contact us page.

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We welcome inquiries of all kinds. If you would like to become a dealer or just have in-depth product questions feel free to give us a call. You can also locate and contact your local dealer for more product information.